$100 Trillion dollars to the 1st one to answer ALL

Isnt she just so HOT?

1. What direction are we headed (either ourselves or all of us together)?

2. Is our race going to end soon with our inevitable extinction?

3. Why can't we get along with our fellow humans?

4. Why do we judge others?

5. Why, just recently, are you a different gender that NEVER existed before?

6. How can trumpovich have supporters and not be fired if he is prejudiced and racist? Now he says that fallen soldiers are suckers AND losers. What a buffoon!

7. Is the deep state planning for world death to reduce us to 500 million worldwide?

8. Is the plan to end the political parties as we know it and get a whole new form of government in the house?

9. When is the world finally going to end?

Isnt he just fucking hilarious?

10. What was the exact time and date of the sun's birth? Earth's?

11. How long, exactly, has that mountain been here? And the ocean over there?

12. Why cant people just ignore others instead of calling the cops when they are NOT even near them?

13. What is the weight, capacity, and depth of the ocean?

14. How long will I, you, he, she, or your sibling be here?

15. Why are there some that have a mansion that is way too big for them, and others on the street with nothing?

16. Ok, how about what is at, under, around, or in the inner Area 51? Aliens? Spacecraft? How far down does it go?

17. Why do we have war and secrets from other countries instead of cohabiting?

18. Why cant the rich help the poor, instead of being way too greedy and selfish?

19. Why are humans the weakest, yet, can be (if they wanted to) the most intelligent species on earth?

20. Why cant humans work for a common goal/purpose like the bees and ants?

BONUS QUESTIONS: in the event of a tie.

Does a cancer stick (cig) actually take 7 minutes off your life?