11th day of challenge - MY Best to YOU!

What is the best thing to happen to you this week/month/year?

I NEVER turn down a good 1


Just a bit premature, perhaps, you may agree?


Seems that we havent hit mid-month yet, so, allow me to get back to you a bit later


NOW, I know why this is a

In glancing at the calendar, it seems that its only Monday.....giving me just yesterday & today to work with.

After I succeed at completing it, I will spit it out!


I heard from Ischa regarding my, BI story, and I edited it per her critique and advice, so you can be more receptive to my thoughts, while not being offended.

I am really relieved that she helped me to cut out the negativity. I can take pride in it now, without worrying you may not enjoy it.

Well, that's all I can recall, when I'm asked about the BEST.

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