12th day of challenge - scared??!!??

What things scare you and why?

Man!!!! is he fucking scary or what??

Scare me?

Very rare, indeed!

So rare, in fact, I should charge for this classified info, because there is next to nothing that does.

For now, the ONLY "thing" that can even be on this short list, is,

What is coming next?

Years ago, wearing a muzzle, like most of you do now, would have been CRAZY!

Look carefully!! This is what sheeple will experience!!

But today, is NOT ONLY common, BUT ALSO REQUIRED!!!!!!

Since this world is run by the elite, just a mere 1% of the worlds entire population, there is NO WAY of telling what these criminals will require next!!

So, MY ONLY fear, will be wondering what these elitists will require next, while they exist while they are on their yachts and mansions and planes!!

Since this world is filled with weak, oblvious, compliant SHEEPLE, who do everything that they told, without questions or hesitations, I really fear what the next step is in their control of the fucking world!!

These compliant muzzles are ONLY the VERY 1ST step in their diabolical plan!!!!

Watch this video, since you probably think I am very crazy!

If you think I am crazy, you should talk to these elites that control YOU, the govt, and EVERY other human on this planet!!!

So, I hope you enjoyed this piece as well as the pics.