15th day of challenge - What if...?

Updated: Jan 20

Something you always think "what if..." about

Lets clarify this,




Just in case, I will provide many things, for I can think of quite a few.

What if.....

we ALL accepted everyone for who they were, while not judging them?

WOW! Then we would all get along and NEVER need to conceal ourselves again.

our world leaders were actually honest with us while looking out for our welfare?

Well, 1st war would cease to exist, then we would all be privy to what's really going on.

ALL the greedy elites, shared their good fortune with those who REALLY need it?

WE ALL would live comfortably together, while govt would NOT need to give assistance to the indigent.

things got NEWER & CLEANER?

That's really hard to imagine.

everything available down here, was LEGAL to use?

Then everyone would get addicted AND govt would never get their cut.

nudism was lawful, and ALL of us saw everything?

Well, everyone would respect each other once and for ALL, and in a short time, become desensitized to our bodies, while we would NOT even worry about what we look like anymore!!

There would NOT be any way to exploit our bodies.

An entire industry would fold, hence they would no longer exploit nudity!!

Love to see that industry VANISH!!

Govt would NO longer control us, and guys would no longer rape gals, as guys would not even care about seeing her, because EVERYONE would see EVERYONE else!!

Also, everyone would have confidence with what they have.