MY "2" ways to get confidence in YOURSELF!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

There are many of you needing to GET CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF!!

Believe in YOURSELF!!


I ran into a lady that was having body image issues and I talked her up a lot.

This is a PM (Pvt msg) that I wrote to her and I proceeded to inform her that her entire attitude needs to drastically change, ALL of us are IMperfect, and finally, NEVER EVER allow anyone to put you down, belittle you, feel less than you are! Heed exactly what I told her! 

Keep in mind that,

Every bit of it was TRUE!! I implicitly stated, You absolutely MUST have the attitude that your body is imperfect,

so is mine,

so is his,

Oh, and hers is too.

Get it understood that WE ALL ARE IMPERFECT! It's what makes us all human.

There are things you cannot change, live with those things.

The things you can change, work on.

But NO one is ever going to humiliate me or make me less than who I am! Get that attitude! And you will have confidence in yourself.

I am making a formal declaration that, I can stand before you or ANYone and NO one will ever offend me! Yes, that means even if I'm nude!

How many MF on this good green earth can even come close to saying that?

NO one that I know!

That's how much blatant self-confidence I have. I'm certainly far from perfect, but then the person in front of me is too. That's what you must ingrain into yourself. Keep your chin up and have a Fabulous day now. CJ I hope she got the message.

Practice these NOW!! then you will mimic me.

Now, just today

I came across a very disturbing post entitled, This is why I can't come out. Now when it is one of my fellow BI people, I don't take that lying down. BI's are part of my family. I stick up for them just as quick as my blood.

I just can't comprehend how anyone should, would or could be in any way ashamed of LOVING BOTH!!

So, after both of these crossed my path, I am stepping in firmly & boldly.

Here is the way I handle the confidence issue.

See if it works for you too.

Its as simple as, going down deep into the depths of your soul and find your inner strength to let any invisible word bounce off you like superman!!

Very elementary, when invisible words are innocuous.

How many of them are invisible? ALL of them!! They are just invisible benign forces that come out of your mouth! Think about it, they are: TASTELESS ODORLESS YOU Can't even feel them! Get the point? They can't hurt you!! Unless you let them.  So don't let them!!  Tricky, huh? Well, practice!

Is this the outfit you wear?

Here's how you do it! When someone calls you, for instance, a little bitch,  there are only 2 possibilities: 1 - You are one? 2 - You are NOT one? If it's #1, then you shouldn't be offended. You are being called out accurately. Now, if its #2, which I assume it is,  why would YOU be offended if the OTHER person is wrong? If he called you something that you are NOT, why are YOU put down by HIS ignorance?  He is the 1 that's wrong, mistaken, or uneducated, so HE should be the one that feels offended or idiotic, right? Take this example, If I walked up to you and called you an ugly tree,  wouldn't YOU be the one that laughs at ME? You are obviously NOT a tree, right? So wouldn't that show how stupid I am?