2019 - People come & GO, SO FAST in life.

Starting with December 2018 and continuing through the following year, I have been spending a lot of time in my new life, learning, as well as learning some more!

I have so much to learn, that I will not learn it ALL!

Ten things I have learned this year:

My dominant was a great experience for me but he was not my perfect match.

Met a man who is going to leave me.

Learned a lot from Scott about standing up for myself as I deserve respect.

People come into your life for a while then can leave as quickly as they came.

I can fall in and out of love fast, and this was the very year I did for the 1st time.

The one who I looked up to at one time, I no longer do, as there are no more feelings for him, after such a brief period in my life.

Started a great daily journal for reflection on my interesting, & wild, life story.

I can meet good people, while also recognizing the ones who are using me to help themselves. The best ones retain my friendship.

Learned how to love writing and put my thoughts into words.

Perfected, well not quite, the art of writing and was invited as an author on nudeandhappy.com

Composed my BEST work, MY Sublime Experience, Dec 19, 2019

Well, NO skill for me, but I am making the right choice!

Thank you all for teaching me as I go. Some of you have really encouraged me, and I will continue to persist & follow through!

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