2020 - Down from here! YR that started it ALL!

Updated: Mar 31

This year was the WORST 1 yet.

Not sure of the plan - but it will be the downfall!

10 Lessons I learned & accomplishments.

  1. Realized I will NEVER find "The one." Rob broke it off Dec 1st

  2. Launched MY own Website. My blog here.

  3. Started a course on Udemy on Persuasive writing. Finish by 31st. Learned difference of Subject vs Topic

  4. Transferred most of my blogs from FL to Wix.

  5. Determined to continue writing, w/o further people taking anymore

  6. People come into your life for a while then can leave as quickly as they came.*

  7. Finally grasped that MY destiny is to be alone to continue writing.

  8. There are only few interested in my topic, Does nude harm kids?

  9. Lily is keen on my erotica blogs.

  10. Quora deleted my space, just like everyone, equates N=S

* This yr, reinforced this lesson from last yr

GOALS - for '21

Whats mine going to be?

Pursue writing career, continue with my 2 main topics.

Write at least 1 in depth article regarding nude.

Continue site, may get 1 site strictly on nude, (Bisexuality?)

Consider advocate/activist for Nude & BI

Reach out to young Bi's and encourage them.

Finish site to be prof, attract more readers.

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