3rd day of writing challenge! Will I do it?

Updated: Jan 9

#3rd day

weird things I do alone

Oh, wouldn't, you just LOVE to know!!

But, as this is a challenge, and I always take any I can get, I will, just this once, divulge these to you.

I am not totally sure this qualifies as weird, but not too many people practice this.

THIS is what I refer to as "OPEN & FREE" which simply means, NUDE!!

However, what I perform while in this state could very well be WEIRD!!!

Without ever divulging specific locations, occasionally I have taken some very serious risks. I believe that these "risks" are a turn on for me.

So, hoping that the internet will mask my identity, I will say, "I may OR may not have been nude while in some neighborhoods, exclusively in the DARK!!"

Also, while in the buff, at home only, "I may or may not, play with rope or other bondage equipment." I don't have any other person who will EVER join me in this activity. So, I must accomplish this eternally alone.

So, being nude while partaking a little "self bondage" at the same time is pretty much it!

Because I have many more blogs to create!!

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