7th day of 30 day challenge - Drugs?

What are your views on drugs and alcohol?

I am so overjoyed that you asked.

Well, I will relay my personal & honest thoughts about how some ARE legal, yet others are NOT.

After all, why is this the case?

While there are many theories, I will concentrate on only a few. I will also pose a few questions and allow you to ponder them.

In the present, alcohol is, for the most part only, legal to only certain individuals. Why it's only legal for some, but not others, is still a mystery to me.

OH, you are asking me to clarify.

That is no problem at all!

I will only be too happy to explain.

Read very carefully. I will write slowly, so you can take the info I give you at your own pace.


Legal for adults, but ONLY certain adults.

Which ones?

ONLY those that are 21,

NOT on probation or any other special legal actions against them.

My 1st question for you is:

When are you considered an adult, and when do you stop being a minor?

NO!! YOU are NOT!!!

EXCEPT per the below circumstances that government ALWAYS controls

Do you surmise that YOU have the CORRECT answer?



Because there is NO CORRECT answer!!!!

I have covered this in another post, but I will briefly restate it here.

16- adult if you committed a heinous crime