9th Day of challenge - Who do I like? Why?

Name a person you like and why you like them

Leave me or STAY, I will eternally LOVE YOU!!

MY, at 1 time anyway, "husband" or at least MY BF....

....Robert, AKA, RLP, mezmerized me as soon as he entered the hotel room, that we 1st met in, ever!

Once I laid my eyes on his gourgeous self, which is way beyond words, he impressed me beyond my expectations, by assisting me.

It only took him knowing me for just 2 whole days!

Take a very close look at all these:

MY 1 & ONLY enjoyable valentines day - 2020


makes me complete, whole-- I feel special with him. He gives me purpose for being.....here and......alive

genuinely cares about me, within 2 days of meeting he was already grooming me and helping me with my appearance and also took me shopping.

cares not only for me but for my daughter, Mimi too. He actually took the time to go shopping for a harness for her so that she wouldn't choke from her collar. He is so good to her and loving not to mention patient.

actually cuddles me and holds me close to him. Allows me to lay on his chest too, my favorite!

wants to make love to me instead of just "fucking" me. There IS a difference! He wants the 1st time to be special and to use the proper protection to be safe.

wants me to take care of myself, and eat right. Took the time to take notes to show to the doctor.

loves me for who I am, which is all I want someone to do my whole life now. Finally found him!!

has the perfect body--manly muscles; chest, arms and shoulders. He is also perfect down below.

took the time to fly out to see me and spend time with me, from 300 miles away.

went out with me to meet others and show me the proper way to talk to people, even though I should know how by now.

takes the time to explain to me what I am doing improperly and how to correct my dealings with others.

is polite and passionate with me. He's not into the sex, he is into being with me & my soul--not just my body.

does not mind me being bi and nude in my life all the time. Even though after meeting him there is no need to be bi anymore. I will just be content with one side from now on.

is so sweet loving and caring to me 100% of the time.

OUR very 1st date!

Now, he is just an eternal memory, since I somehow made him break up with me!!

My unthoughtful actions managed to hurt him, and he decided I was NOT the right one for him!!