CALM - #22

As we embark on a journey, we come across a mid-size city of about 1 million people. It's very appealing as its just a short drive to the beach from the outskirts of town.


Hold on.

You hear something?

Here I am trying to tell a story and there is no doubt that it must be, that young hothead Tommy again, blowing up at someone like he always does.

We since he's interrupted me for about the 5th time, I might as well tell you about him.

Well, he's just a normal young punk kid who just barely graduated from HS. He has a normal build while hes clean shaven. I think he just got a new GF. I dont know what she sees in him. Hes around 25 now, and not going anywhere too quickly.

How could he?

He's always losing his cool. He can never stay CALM. I'm willing to bet he's walking down there somewhere in the city. Lets see if we can find him.

Yup, thats him down there.

See him?

Ok, lets listen in

As Tommy crosses Steven ST. using maple, a car nearly hits him. Tommy banged on the car and yelled,

"Hey moron, do you know what a crosswalk is for? Its what us pedestrians use to cross the street!! Great job nearly running me over!"

Dont EVER run me over ever again!

Everyone was so surprised at the way he lost it. But he is getting close to his pad now. After dinner he goes to his room for a little puter time. Hes really tired though and as he starts to doze off, he's caught off guard when he hears a voice.

"Just Be C, Tommy,"

it uttered

"What? What are you talking about? Who are you?"

Tommy asked in a confused state.

"You will know when the time is right!"

it said back to him.

The next day on his way to work, he could not handle all the dam traffic in front of him not moving an inch.

Once again, Tommy was banging on the horn and losing his temper,

"Goddammit! WTF, does this always happen to me?"

Just GTF outta my way!

"Just Be C, Tommy,"

the mysterious voice pleaded with him.

"What? You again? I thought you were a dream! Where are you?"