FIRE - #19

Dam, it's beyond HOT in here!

Oh, that's why!

Dam! Its scorching in here!

We are talking about FIRE today!

No wonder!

Ok, here it goes...


...No one can argue that a volcano is beyond fire hot, it can melt rock for Christ's sake!

WOW! its NEVER cooling down in here tonight.

Sometimes I can get just as HOT under the collar when I think of the kids and teenagers who get thrown out of their own homes because their so called "parents" find out they are different from them some how! Different can mean gay or Bi or any other factor that kids get ostracized from their families for.

My heart goes out to these kids.


I always wonder how there are "parents" out there, that don't love their own children unconditionally.

But before I get way off topic, let me get right to the point of FIRE, today's word.

I could not truly speak of fire without mentioning yet again, my BF.

I would like to declare that he is the water to my fire. Even though he is a Leo, a fire sign, he is the one that calms me down in the face of rage.

I was visiting him one night, and as I was crossing in the crosswalk, where I thought is the proper place to cross, I nearly got run over!

I immediately pounded on the car roof.

I will always remember he calmly looked right at me and asked,

"are you crazy?"

He didn't rant and rave or lose his temper, he just kept his cool like always. Since he has such a perceptive perspective, he always puts out my fire of rage by looking at things from an entirely different angle. He helps me to see other points of view while, I am amazed that he is so much younger than me yet he is so completely mature and distinguished in his mind and mannerisms, not to mention how dignified he always comes across.

To attempt to describe him accurately, the only way I can describe him is,


I hope this phrase does him "justice" because I can't think of another way to describe him. It should give you a good idea of how astonishing he really is.

Hey, I know......

....Perhaps I should ask God,

"Did you send him as my guardian angel so I could be inspired to strive my hardest & become the best I can ever be?"


"Am I really deserving of such a sensational reward after waiting so long?"

Not sure yet, because he doesn't seem to answer me, but after meeting my BF, I am very sure the answer must be...