HOPE - #31

I INTENSELY & ARDENTLY HOPE for abundant REVERENT feelings of devotion.

Anyone out there that I may do this for?


... that I have something to look forward to at some distant point in my future.

I was hoping YOU could tell ME!!

...that I could possibly have someone in the future who could actually care for me.

Exactly why I will NEVER have one!

...I can somehow become a better person in a multitude of ways.

...I'll have more guidance to know how to radically alter my life for positive changes.

Guess I have way too much of this shit for ANYone to care!

...I can encounter and meet new friends, that will even come close to caring for me.

...that I might actually discover myself while I identify unfavorable adverse traits that repel everyone in my life all the time.

Wish me luck for tomorrow then

...that my destiny transforms into efficacious productive developments.

...my current avocation converts into a lucrative breakthrough process of growth.

...there is some possible method for me to find someone who I may actually love.

Exactly why this will NEVER be in MY future!

...there is some process of development for my progressive evolution.

...there are powerful efficient and compelling techniques to alter other's prejudices.

Is anything in MY future?

I can find another who might actually stay instead of mimicking everyone else's result..

Wish me the best.....

if U want