MAY '20 - Week #2 - Mind body and SOUL


Many of us have asked the eternal question,

Does it live forever?

I hope to hell, that's heaven up there!?

We will NEVER know, and there are many more questions about it.

I will, however, cover the ones that I can answer!

How do you nurture your soul?

I just try to be the best person I can be. Even though I have been wronged more than my share, I will still be the best I can with new people that I meet. I have just started meditation and will nurture it that way. Otherwise, just keep doing what I have already.

Do you find comfort in faith or spirituality?



To be brutally honest,

I think that I have much more spirituality than faith, as my faith has dwindled through the years, especially after my father's murder. I do, however, feel that I can have a good spirit innately being good to the people I come across. You can actually be atheist and still have a spirituality about you. I agree with Arrietty about god possibly hating me, if there is even one up there somewhere. That's why I have logically become agnostic.

Are our souls the very essence of us or something that you don’t really think about?


Well, quite honestly, it isn't much I have thought about recently, or very much at all. However, now that you ask, I will say that I have thought about it long ago. It still intrigues me as to the actual essence of our souls. I am quite certain that it is something that leaves our bodies and of course cannot be retrieved after our demise. Unlike a battery or other power source that can be simply replaced, a soul will vanish forever.

But then where does it go?

Now that, my good readers, is a question that will never be answered because as soon as you get the answer, you will never return to tell the rest of us.

I have some theories about what can happen to our souls if you are evil in this life or decide to commit suicide, so if you are interested let's delve into the other dimension.

RUN, DON'T walk...with me to the OTHER side!

If you are Just Evil, in this life or another

Well, this is pretty obvious. If you don't go to Fiery HOT HELL, I predict that you will go to a possible purgatory and if you are very lucky, you just may get a 2nd chance. I wouldn't count on it though.

Before we get into suicide, I will say that I believe in "infinite possibilities" or "ANYTHING is possible"

"infinite possibilities"

Now for suicide,

I actually have a few theories on this one.

With that being said, how do we know that we haven't already lived a life, either here or elsewhere, and we are being punished for the wrong doings we did in a previous existence already?

What if we are already in hell?

Earth is HELL?

I believe it!