WRAP! it up by 10.

I am supposed to write about "wrap?"

What kind of wrap?

Yeah, but....what kind of wrap? Hes inquiring!

Not really sure.....take your best guess!

Ok, I will try....

Oh, I know!

How about,

WAIT! It cant be! We just started! Didnt we?

"Its a wrap!"

Uh, no not that kind of wrap, we are not filming

Ok, WRAP??????,

the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)?

Uh, nope not that either.... just try again.

Well, would you like me to wrap you up in my arms?

Oh, hell yeah!

But lets finish this 1st.

Oh Hey!

I know...

...Wrap, instead of a sandwich?

Yes!! Now you got it!

I always prefer wraps over a sandwich any day of the year, anyway. I mean,

what's the best part of the sandwich?

WOW! Yummy! That DOES look delish!

The meat and cheese and stuff.

So, why would you want way too much bread, more than necessary?