To me, a TRUE friend is one who....

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Hey, buddy. Love ya man.

1 Can share their thoughts and ideas as well as being able to be open and honest about themselves completely.

2 Can accept me for who I am completely without question OR hesitation.

3 Sees me at least TWICE a week.

4 Will never lie, cheat, or steal.

5 I can trust implicitly.

6 (optional) Is very loving and affectionate.

I realize these 6 criteria are very stringent for anyone to befriend me, but I never take my important responsibilities lightly.

Just get ready for the best friend of your life.

A newer update will NEVER be needed ever again!

Robert, the ONE & ONLY man I have EVER cared for, or felt so deeply for him, just broke it off on the 1st of Dec. I will NEVER get him back, even if I tried.


I really do NOT have any fucking clue WTF is up with Rob!! I may have just FUCKED up my ALL-TIME worst ever because its the 7th today and I have NEVER heard a tiny lil peep out of him since the 2nd, Monday, YET!! So WTF do I believe now? Has he just ghosted me? Called it QUITS?? He doesn't seem the type to ghost! But I don't know

FINAL UPDATE 2020: Met my new BF, finally, on Sept 25th, 19. We started dating the next month. I will be with him only till the 1st. He WAS truly special to me. When he loved me at least.

UPDATE April 1st, 2019 My new friend from December '18 has improved my life, see "his" changes yet? Improved profile much-improved attitude More positive blogs and much much more

UPDATE December 15, 2018 I finally found a great friend. He is so awesome, that I shared a lot with him and he cares for me. He listened to me and we share a lot in common. I will concentrate on his eternal friendship to be a part of his life.

He's wrestling nude in the dark with me as I write this one.

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