Accidental? Well, you decide & let me know

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

There was this 1 lonely boring night,

Not as boring (or exciting) as mine!!

so I thought I would ask you to join me now and see what a spicy, frightful, nerve-wracking, thankfully brief adventure this boring night transformed into!

So, are you game for a very unique adventure?

I will guarantee that you will NEVER have this type of adventure after reviewing my post, ever again!

Good, so you will join me?


Lets GO!

This evening may have started out boring and lonely but it developed into the very opposite!

It all started with my beyond stupid crazy idea.

I wouldn't if I were you, me

I dared myself to do something "out there" (Double meaning, you will soon see.)

Also, not only "cray," (crazy) and "out there" but I s'pose not totally legal either, but nothing that would affect anyone else, or harm anyone.

Just really very embarrassing for me and me alone.

I was to go downstairs to the backyard between the two bldgs.

So, what's the big deal?

Well, how shall I refer to my stupid idea I had, that should NOT have been carried out?

I got it!

I was to wear the same suit that I was born in.

OH Shit!! NOT them!! NOT now!!??

Yes, you are spot on!

I was not the "brightest" bulb in the package that night, to say the least.

However, there was just 1 unexpected tiny glitch during my very stupid stunt.

You guessed it!!

The neighbors came home unexpectedly and instead of just going right inside like they normally do, they were outside and just hung out a while instead. So here I was totally stark, uh

"Open & Free" ( yeah, you're correct, NOT exactly free)

Where do I hide? The bushes? the backyard not being able to make it back to my front door without being spotted. They were all over the place between our buildings, but not in the back, yet, where I was, so at least I was safe so far, as long as they didnt come "back." That way, at least, I would be ok without being seen.