ANYone, ANYwhere, ANYtime??

Updated: Mar 23

Just curious if there is ANY of YOU, ANYplace, @ ANY time in YOUR life that can even come CLOSE to having this much BADLUCK ALL @ once.

Dont U worry! She is talking about me. YOU all have loved ones

The million $$$$ prize is up for grabs, if YOU can top this!!

WORST luck in the world I had in MY life on March 10, 21

1st - Just came back from the bathroom, and I forgot something, HAD to return.

2nd - After a shower the curtain rod fell down, so I just left a little wet, NO drying.

3rd - Power co. NOW wants more $$$$, after I just paid them yesterday, $60

4th - As I go to sit down at my desk, my RT foot lands on a drink bottle.

5th - SD card is FULL on my phone, so I can't record ANYTHING!!

6th - While Im on Evernote, there is some kind of field I can't get rid of.

7th - Pen broke while I was writing all of this down!

Mr. DeNiro, take me the fuck outta here NOW!! Im ready RIGHT NOW!!

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