Are men more logical than women? We equal?

Updated: Feb 21

Do you perceive perception the same way as me?

Does this mean you do or you don't?

Well, ok, we will see whether you actually do, the same as me.

Even if you don't, then you are still welcome to think freely, or even freely think, as this is exactly what we are doing here today. Whatever is better for YOU!

Okay, freethinkers, it is time to think freely.

Which of these is YOU!?

Are you equal to me?

Definitely not!

Well, am I equal to you then?

Of course not!

If you are not equal to me, then how would I be equal to you?

something must be identical to be equal.

Keep this in mind for the rest of the discussion.

When I spoke to a very logical friend, he told me that the answer to almost every question is,

This is our first lesson in perception.

First off,

Are you male or female?

Are you sure?

I really am curious...what did you see 1st?

The reason I had to ask if you are sure is that, in the past, I have spoken to some of you, and you adamantly declare that you are, in fact, NOT a female, but in reality, a woman!

Interesting and mind boggling

Well......Hmm, ok.

I am the 1st person, in keeping an open mind, who must be fair to all, so we shall examine this thoroughly.

Can you enlighten me how you can be a "woman" but NOT a female?

When you were born, were you already a woman?

Well, I have been wrong before, but rarely.

If I am actually wrong now, please inform me.

We shall use my favorite principle,