Are we in a apocalyptic movie or is this actually real life?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Is this in our future?

I really hope I am in an alternate reality or a warped nightmare right now.

I must be one of the very few seeing what is right in front of our faces.

Do you have fun playing games?

I mean besides the ones the government always plays with you.

Have you ever played 20 questions?

Well, that was the 1st one. JK!

I can play this all day but let's just ask you a few to start.

Do all the current world events warrant further inquiry?

Is all the reality in this world right now for the rest of you?

Sheeple, would you also run naked in the streets if the govt told you to?

Do you normally just obey without question or hesitation? Maybe some logic?

How healthy is it to be isolated from other humans who are naturally social animals?

Do you really believe all the false positive tests and false numbers of "covid" deaths?

Did you hear that hospitals get an astronomical amount of money to say a patient died of covid, even though its a different kind of death in reality?

I could ask away and would not even scratch the surface of possible questions.

This entire fiasco is very frustrating. I can't even go to a store or other public establishment without having to wear a fucking mask!

Then once I am forced to wear that, I hear a female voice over a loudspeaker urging us to "practice our social distancing"

Are you fucking serious?

It reminds me of movies like The Running Man, that depict the government controlling us.

I guess as long you let them, they will!

The TOP 1% really must love the unilateral unconditional control they have over this weak feeble world. That is the VERY reason that we will fall as a civilization and are extremely feeble.


We will NEVER band together!

Makes me wonder,

Are the bees and ants really that primitive?

At least they have the superior intelligence to work for a common purpose instead of fighting with their own species.

In The Running Man, starring Arnold, it is about a sinister game show run by the govt who is blatantly lying to the American public, when all the while, the ignorant oblivious sheeple just voluntarily and unquestionably believe them without any hesitation. The sheeple don't ever question their govt. They just completely obey their deceitful leaders like good little subservient children.

"Yes, mommy and daddy govt, I will wear my mask so I don't get sick"

"Yes, mommy and daddy govt, I will stay home and just keep distant from all my friends and family"