Are you a nudist? Find out NOW!

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Divine FEmale beauty

Do you think you can pass my short test?

Well, you should take this short quiz to find out.

1. Do you enjoy flaunting your crotch around and showing it off?

2. Do you love to look at everyone's crotch area while you are out at events?

3. Don't you just love to look at those big hot titties on that gorgeous babe?

4. Do you think it's all about sex and looking at what you can get away with?

5. When you look at a naked babe do you get rock hard?

Well, then congrats!

I will be only too happy to inform you instantly that you aren't even in the same town as a nudist, let alone the same ballpark.

What you must be is an ignorant, arrogant, self-centered sex-starved fiend, most likely male and you do NOT know even the 1st thing about being a nudist or our morals and values if you even have these?

You, by far, need to educate yourself completely about our clean, wholesome, family-friendly lifestyle.

You will have a troublesome time even comprehending that it is all about:

respect of yourself and OTHERS as well,

respect of your entire surroundings and the environment,

accepting yourself as well as others for who you & they are,

realizing that it's your body and imperfect as we ALL are, yet loving anyway,

accepting others for their worth and flaws,

NEVER considering sex or sexual acts,

treating others as YOU want to be treated yourself.

Understand now?


Once you at least have a clue what I am talking about, and understand the very basics, then maybe, just maybe, you can begin to enjoy our beautiful & fulfilling lifestyle.

Once people have a bit of decency within them, and intelligence while stopping associating sex with nudity ALL the time, maybe we ALL can live together in peace and harmony and stop living with dissension and disrespect.

We will then have the decency to live in unity and harmony while you stop forcing us to hide who we truly are, and give EVERYONE the freedom of choice once and for ALL!!


I really hope you ALL grasp the concept of proper, wholesome & tasteful nudism!

Whoever wants to celebrate OUR magnificent creation we were given EAT!