Ashamed of loving BOTH?? I don't get it!!

Updated: 6 days ago

So, you are ashamed of loving MORE people, than FEWER people?

ONLY loving 1 sex?? Makes NO sense to me at all!

Here's MY take on loving BOTH!!

If you love BOTH, why exactly would you be ashamed of loving MORE people than what MONOSEXUALS do?

Loving MORE people, instead of LESS, is MUCH MORE admirable


should be more socially acceptable than what others love, which is ONLY 1.


NORMALLY, we are ALL brought up to accept everyone!

In reality,

our parents encourage all of us to accept ALL races, colors AND creeds as equals.

So, in this case, being hateful of ANYONE is frowned upon.

Just wrong!!

Am I right?

So, if you are NOT prejudiced against ANYONE, this is socially acceptable.

Now, turn your sights on our sexuality.

If you ONLY love 1 gender, look at this as being "prejudice" to the other gender.

But with our sexuality, people look at it in reverse somehow, as I see it.

Loving less is more acceptable??

Is this correct?


am I missing something?