BISEXUALS love BOTH of us!

Updated: Feb 20

This is the 1st major article I wrote on a website. This is basically how my writing career began. It went from a short, almost antagonistic piece that no one would even consider publishing, all the way to what it has become today. I have published this on at least 2 or more sites. I will occasionally add to it, if warranted.

I am PROUD to love both of you!

What does BISEXUAL mean to you?

Some claim it to mean,

REJECTED by both.

Let us examine this theory together

I will examine this rejection theory and attempt to conclude, if that's even possible. As we progress and evolve together, there seems to be less of a line, or as you may call it, binary. Our sexuality is, as some call it, fluid. So it will be difficult to come up with an absolute, but as I scrutinize this, I will also cite articles to back myself up.

Are you ready to dive in and get the answer?

We shall begin.

We, BISEXUALS, are friendly and accepting people. We always respect your sexuality and your natural given attractions to others.

Why can't some of you accept and respect ours?

It hurt me when I came across two profiles on a dating site that were discriminatory against us BISEXUALS. What made me even more perplexed, is that while we BISEXUALS love BOTH, most of society are rejects us the most!!

What really blew me away was that one profile I saw was actually from a BISEXUAL woman!

So now, OUR OWN kind even hates us?

If that's the case, how are we going to find anyone at all?

Yes, we love BOTH of you!

But most people only love HALF the population!

Gays love one half


Straight people love the other half.

We love the entire population,

I do too because,

since birth I have been BI!

Let's look at the acronym, LGBT.

Even though we comprise more than half of LGBT, you notice that B is not the first letter, but comes in as the 3rd letter, and we also are the most discriminated against, by none other than, homosexuals themselves!

Whether male or female, they are still against us, BISEXUALS. I thought at least my homo brothers and sisters were with us. Samantha Allen asks, "are bisexual people shut out of