Bi the Way, We are Getting Erased Way Too Quickly!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Good Day to YOU,

I'm an author who writes liberally, without fear of reprisals, while reading extensively too. I can handle anything, even incessantly running into pictures, blogs, and many more visuals.

However, I really get irate when I run into essays, blogs, and articles that are insensitive to all of us, BISEXUALS!

This article will point out the various methods in which the monosexuals are creeping into our territory and invariably erasing us out of existence. I will show you many case in points where they are found and we are NOT!

Today's theme will focus on how we are being erased, and what we must do about it.


1st off, the pie chart below, shows that BI females outnumber homo men by 2%, while BI guys outnumber the lesbians by 2%.

Therefore, combine the sexes that are BI, and we "BI far," outnumber both homosexual men and women, knocking them off the LGBT charts by OVER half!!!

We, BISEXUALS, are at 52%, while homosexuals, BOTH sexes, are only at 48%.

This # alone shows that we ARE definitely the MAJORITY!

Yet, we are 3rd in line in the LGBT acronym?


BOTH sexes that identify as homo come in at 48%, before BOTH of us, BISEXUALS, men and women.