BISEXUALITY defined Bi fellatio?

Updated: Mar 11

Do you claim to be "straight?"

Okay are you willing to perform fellatio?

I really cannot understand a YES to BOTH!

How can you claim actually being straight, if you perform fellatio at all?

Then there are gay guys that won't perform it.

I can see gay guys NOT performing it,

but how do you call yourself straight if you will do anything at all with your own gender?

This just doesn't compute.

I even asked Spok about this strange claim.

and do you know what he declared?

"That is illogical!"

"Well, now that's what I thought!"

I retorted.

Ok, back to seriousness now!

I cherish MY gift of being able to LOVE BOTH of US!


willing to partake sexually with both genders while showing an interest in both sexes.

I always believed that if you will do anything at all with your own and/or opposite gender, then you must be BI.

Look at it this way.

Imagine a scale having values from 0 to 100,

with the 0 being completely gay while 100 indicates totally straight.

It shows you are at absolute 0.

Then this reading shows that you will never be interested at all with the opposite gender, meaning that you will never touch them or even be curious about it.

It shows you are at absolute 100.

Then this reading shows that you are ONLY interested in the OPPOSITE SEX though, so you will never even consider any activity with your own sex!

Are you with me so far?

I hope so, since I was getting ready to inform you of our future.

What do you think the FUTURE is?

WOW!! I am eagerly waiting for this!! Imagine EVERYONE LOVES EVERYBODY!!