Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Change--The only thing in the universe that is constant

Today I'm doing something unorthodox. I'm actually going to let my daughter, whos in real life, a precious lil princess, talk today.

She's going to explain the monumental change in her life.

Listen to her intently, because it was LIFE CHANGING!

No, it really was!

NOT an exaggeration

Take it away Mimi,

Oh, hello there.

My name is Mimi...

Please Daddy, may I speak to them today?

This is me!

My master, or I actually call him Daddy, talked me into telling you about my monumental life-enhancing change.

Why monumental, you ask?

Because my change is like comparing the

desert to the ocean


... outer space to the earth,

it was that dramatic for me!

I am so grateful to my Daddy for well over a decade now, for rescuing me when I was just 5 years old.

I don't even like talking about it, but if I must, He rescued me from a horrible monster who abused me daily for the 1st 5 years of my life, and if that wasn't the worst, then it was when this inhumane demon went even further and locked me up inside a closet!

Can you believe that?

But I NEVER saw him again.

Thank God!

After being locked up so long I started barking as loud as I could because I couldn't go outside for my potty breaks. I didn't even have any food or water to drink at all. All of a sudden these strangers that I never saw before opened the door and found me and rescued me. I most certainly would have died if they hadn't found me when they did. I was getting dehydrated. I was confused because I didn't even remember how long I was in the cold spooky darkness. When I got out I noticed all the power was shut off and it was so hot. I didn't see much furniture and my bed was gone. At least the terrible mean devil must have been long gone when I was rescued, because I didn't see a trace of him.

All I felt was relief after being found and that he was gone. 

It makes me shudder and cry just thinking about it. Daddy says that Lil ol me is strong, courageous, and brave for getting through that, but believe me, there were many days I really wanted to vanish and never go back! 

But there must have been someone somewhere looking out for me because then a huge transformation occurred.


After I was at this strange cold place with tons of my cousins and distant relatives, my residence changed. Someone brought me into a warm kind loving home where I met my new Daddy for the very first time. I was real nervous at first, but when he stretched his arms out for me to come to him, he seemed to be really nice and so very loving too. He adopted me as soon as he found out I was locked up.

But after a decade of having my kind loving Daddy look after me, I am forever grateful to Him and it brings me joy as well as happiness to be in His safe protective arms. Its been a little rocky at times because we have moved around a bit, but one thing NEVER changed for me; it was the fact that my Daddy always loves me and treats me so extra special every day.

Like his own daughter in fact.

Come to think of it, He always calls me his daughter. But I'm not too sure what I am cause He is always calling me his precious lil princess too. Either way, He lets me sleep with Him in His bed, even though sometimes I just hop off and want to be alone, to go sleep in my own bed.