Click with Rick - #13

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

During August '19, I had been talking with Smoothguy, on A4A for a couple of days, and we figured we would CLICK so I decided on meeting him.

But I have learned,

NO PIC = NO Meeting!

Well, at first I wondered if he even looked at my profile because I must have mentioned that ....

Im VERY proud to LOVE BOTH!

and much to my dismay he yelled out,

"Oh, Chris I don't want you to be bi!"

But thats who I am!

I didnt choose it!

Did he just reject me?

I didn't hear back from him at first, so I figured he did, but then to my utmost relief, I heard from him 2 days later.


I was so relieved!

I might also mention that he didn't even have a pic of himself on the site. Apparently, he's into getting to know someone first instead of the usual nasty pic that the superficial disgusting guy would utilize. I could see how dignified and polite he came across in his mannerisms while speaking to me. So I can understand where he is coming from, in getting to know someone first.

Guys can be so shallow with appearance.

After a week went by, we finally decided to exchange pictures, and since I just started using another PC, I didn't have any recent pics on the new one I'm using now. But then I thought he could just look at me online at my profile.


You would have thought the world was coming to an end!

As soon as I mentioned FetLand, he asked,

"What kind of crazy shit are you into, Chris?"

I just LOVE gorgeous SWEET FEET!

"I am into sweet feet, ropes, and nudity,"

I told him.

So I started wondering if fetland has a bad reputation or if maybe it's just the idea of BDSM that is so scary to him.

So I was wondering if we could still "CLICK" together.

First, I thought he rejected me because I am BI, now this!

I don't even dare to ask what's next!

I figured he was worried about me being into pain or something totally off the wall disgusting,

like scat maybe?

That's fucking sick!

and now he may never speak to me again?

Maybe he is under the impression we're all into bondage, whips, leather, and chains, so pain is the only kink that has any impact on us. I mean really, at the most, I am into lightweight activities compared to some people. Seriously, some of them are into slavery and being dominant as well as even owning another human being! Some of them maybe are into beating someone till permanent marks are on their body. They can also be into such HARD core shit, that I wont even mention these.

Not ME!

My dilemma is that I'm not kinky enough for fetlians but am completely off the deep end for the vanilla people.

I mean seriously, What does he think?

That I'm into hardcore shit or something?

Well, I was totally relieved that he did finally give me another chance a couple of days later, thankfully.