Compare Nudism with its more nasty bro, Exhibitionism

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Unfortunately, those outside the nudist lifestyle, namely, the textiles, most often misappropriate these 2 very contrasting terms. They, in turn, mistakenly see these as very similar. Then their misguided interpretation will actually skew their comprehension of the two, while they retain their ongoing ignorance on these very terms. Whereby, textiles and others outside the nudist lifestyle wrongfully consider a nudist and an exhibitionist to be very much the same thing, I will educate you how to comprehend the very obvious difference between them. The ONLY similarity in them is that both are without clothes. Also, I must point out that nudism is, in fact, completely tasteful, and wholesome, while it's also family friendly.

Clothes just hide who you really are!

As the only similarity being lack of clothing, you will notice there are many differences between nudists and exhibitionists. The most important distinction that helps differentiate them, though, is their intent. Unfortunately, the nudity component has led textiles to assume that nudism and exhibitionism are the same, giving nudism a very negative connotation. 

How do you think we define, “Nudist” properly?