CRACK - #4

I need to go to the doctor's office right NOW, because you will never believe it, my ass is literally broken in 2 pieces right down the middle, it not only actually has a big hole in it, but also a deep crack in it too in the very middle!

A totally beyond beautiful "ass"et common to BOTH of us!

"Hey dad! You won't believe it! I finally had sex for the 1st time today!"

"Really, son? Let's sit down and chat about it."

"Aww, dad but I cant yet. My ass is still way too sore."

Hmm...were you expecting me to talk about the other kind of crack?

That crack kills!

I want you ALL to be around for a while yet.

I mean think about it,

who else will ever be interested in reading all my work and in depth material?

Our crack though, the one that we ALL have, is very beautiful. It is really a common part of our body, but, for some unknown reason, is the only common part that remains covered.

Oh my, YES! A perfect hot piece to grab & hold onto!

I really wonder why?

It really makes NO sense to me at all!

I feel that our really lovely crack, or our entire rear actually, is really beautiful and part of BOTH of our bodies, and we really should ALL be allowed to show it off and also be able to see since we both have it.

The other common parts to BOTH of us, like our feet, legs, hands, etc. aren't covered,

so why the rear of our bodies?


So, you DO see my point?

As you can see, BOTH of us, males AND also females, have this really gorgeous "ass"et that is common that really should be displayed with absolute pride, and without question or hesitation, or even any shame at all.

Call them our perfect love handles!

Let me know if you agree.

Don't even think of being shy!

Thanks for your attention and...

Love you both,


Until next time when we meet again!