How long will it take for man to crumble?

Unfortunately, if we stay on our present course, it could be sooner rather than later. If this happens we will all definitely perish and CRUMBLE to mass extinction. We must tap into all of our inner strength together to avoid this at all costs.

Even though we all have our differences, let's put them aside, because,

Why can't we all work together to help all of society together as a whole?

The fundamental reason for man to crumble, is that we all are out for ourselves exclusively. Instead of thinking like bees or ants, with our animalistic instincts, and working together for a common cause, we instead think with our own selfish needs and fend for ourselves, instead of society as a whole.

So, which species is actually more advanced?

It appears to me the bees or ants are.

You know the difference between fighting one lonely bee to a whole swarm?

There is safety in numbers.

What number is the most safe?

6, 60, 600, or a scary 6000?

I'll let you decide.

When entities are working together as a single cohesive unit, they become invincible this way, and then they will triumph over any antagonist.

It is like when I learned an army of ants is capable of defeating a running horse!

It gave me the proper perspective of the intense power of "safety in numbers"

But is it really human nature to sacrifice ourselves for the safety of all mankind?

OR maybe I should ask....

Is it within our souls to work together in massive groups?

Get fucking serious, will you?

The only humans on earth who are aware of the numerical concept, are the 1% of this entire world's population, who are actually working together and controlling the other 99% of us all.

WTF even knows if this is really true, because that's the same as me relocating to a large city, and everyone would listen to my every command.

At least to me, I can't even comprehend this, let alone fathom it.

I can't even imagine how it would ever even come to fruition.

Did you ever realize how much at the bottom you are?

While you let that sink in, I will get back to this working together concept that NO one will ever comprehend or accomplish.

At this point in time, I can't even get a mask for free, even if I wanted one!!

However, I am not in the habit of sending false messages like these.