CUSP - #1

In speaking of the CUSP, I shall reveal to you now, that I am, NOT only 1, but 2 signs.

BOTH an earth sign, Taurus, as well as an air sign, Gemini.

For I am, on the cusp of energy as of the 21st

This actually makes for a very confusing life, as I don't even know if I am up or down, or even when I should turn left or right. I am not always right though, as I have actually been wrong before, on a couple of occasions. Contrary to popular belief, even I am not perfect.

Aside from the ups and downs, & lefts and rights, I have many positive qualities to share that really put me into a really fabulous light.

Oh, really?

You want me to share them with you?

Ok, I suppose, but I usually don't like to toot my own horn.

Well, for starters, I am very sensual, so seducing you is my very favorite activity

Sensuality is a very good quality to have especially when courting a lovely young lady,

As I go down the list, another rare quality that I have is that I am great at communicating.

Now those are just the very 1st two.

Continuing on, a few more quality & very interesting traits I hold, that are worth mentioning are, that I am very:

broad(or open)-minded, as it's more commonly referred to

I am also very gentle, mature, as well as a born leader since I can always see both sides of an argument, while also being laid back and reliable too.

Being a man, I am also very blunt at times and not overly concerned with my manners. That's important, because I always tell you like it is. I don't sugarcoat a dam thing.

We, cusp people, are either all up or way down, as I am usually at one extreme or the other. There is no in-between with me.

I am also very proud because I would rather go without, than to depend on anyone else.

I am also a tremendous giver, which can always be seen in the bedroom especially. I am also the very salt of the earth when I am awakened by intellectual and spiritual people.


Is that plenty of info for you, in just 1 whole day?

I think I might have bombarded you with a little too much information in such a short time, so I will allow you to grasp and assimilate this immense amount of knowledge.

Thanks for all your attention,

Love you BOTH,