BROKEN - #28

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Ok, my smart readers,

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We begin as the main person is explaining their preference for activities.

Ever since I've been into kink, I always wanted to see how being restrained felt.

Oh, it doesn't matter, straps, rope, even handcuffs if I'm desperate.

I finally heard about an event, so I decided to join a rope function this Thursday.

The Rope Social it was called, and only a measly $5 to enjoy it?

Even the bums could afford that!

Just try to get out of that, Stud!

Ok, you want to know how long it's been?

I actually haven't been into any fetish for very long now. I am still fresh and new to this whole world. That's why I have so much struggle finding anyone for a partner. I heard that this social can partner you up with a rigger if you get there early enough.

What could be better?

Learn about rope while at the same time, be social with others in the same community.

Hey, it's finally Thursday!


I showed up and it looks like they already picked partners.

I counted and there were about 20 people, not counting myself.

Once again, just like always I was the odd one out.

Everyone had a partner except me.

10 riggers

10 bottoms.

and lonely little me.

You will NEVER escape, lil boy BITCH!

WTF else is new?

I should have known!

I just sat there for the 1st half of the event. I figured waiting for someone to be available would be a good idea. Maybe someone would show up late and I might get lucky for once.

After a couple of hours, someone did come in and approached me. He asked what I was doing just sitting by myself.

I thought to myself,

"I didn't even know where he came from. I didn't notice him earlier.

Did he just show up?

I wanted to answer his question with,

"Well do you see anyone willing to tie me up?"