Dick pics? Yay or Nay?

Updated: Mar 31

NO worries--NO pics here, strictly discussion ONLY!

Well, hello to ALL of YOU avid blog readers/followers......

I have been transferring my blogs from their original sites over here. I figured it would be proper to find out YOUR thoughts on various topics too.

You ALL are more than welcome to contact me with any other ideas you may have for posts. That's the upside to being a member here. When I have enough ideas, I will post them as needed.

I must inform you I have been busy for a few days now, since the 1st of March, working on my very 1st book; a thriller, one of my favorite genres. Now, it's my turn to see if I can get up there to join acclaimed authors.

If any of you would like me to post a little tidbit teasing style just to show you how it's coming along, then shoot me.........a message that this!

Don't forget guys, I write for YOU!!

So, keep this in mind: when you read these posts, if they are not to your liking, then it is of utmost importance that you inform me!

I want to post everything you find compelling, NEVER mundane.

Make sense?

Perfect, I will fill you in on today's topic, with this post's origin.

This is a post I had done a couple years ago on a different site.

Now understand, it doesn't matter which side of the fence you prefer.

Even if you really love BOTH sides, like me, this post can be a stimulating piece, while it hits home with us guys.

What better place to share thoughts than a thought-provoking and captivating discussion?

It is imperative ALL of YOU put some comments down there. I really would appreciate YOUR feedback!

Thank you so very much!

To start us off, I will state where I stand on this:

Even though I am BI, & proud to love both, I couldn't really care any less about seeing our common cock. I believe the ladies are in my corner on this too.

IMO, once you have seen 1, you really have seen them ALL. I don't give a damn about sizes or shapes or really anything else. Also, FYI, I am BI, but also demi!!


What did you say?

What's that?

Oh, I thought you knew, demisexual simply shows, I am concerned more with proper chemistry, which has much more significance than just a dick or a dance in bed.

If you are interested in sending ME a pic, then.......

a great-looking face pic is much more my speed, OK?

You are much better looking when I see your sexy face, NOT something hanging way down below!

IMO, if someone must have a dick pic, then I'm sorry to say that someone just might be a little on the shallow or superficial side.

Ok, just 1 more idea, then I will zip my lip and get on with it!

If I ever run into someone who can't live without a "dick pic," then I just may send them one, but keep in mind, what I send is not always mine.