Discrimination - against who? Men OR women?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Most of us always hear about feminine discrimination, but what about men?

DO NOT forget the discrimination that men face everyday!

Well, for those of you who seem to have the impression that women are the only ones who get more than their share of discrimination, this post is definitely the one for you to read & learn about the other side.

This question came up on a site made exclusively about Q & A:

Is discrimination against men real? Can you give any example of discrimination against males?

Following this question was a link providing a multitude of examples of how us men get the very short end of the infamous stick.

I also read about how male teachers are mistreated.

Matthew Bates, a male teacher, explained how he is NOT allowed to perform the same actions as female teachers.

Boys always benefit from male teachers in elementary school!

He proceeds to give some examples from his teaching career of students from K to 8th grades, thus students around ages 3-14.

The following is his accounting of his own experience:

Anyway, most of my coworkers are women. Among the things they can do, but male teachers cannot do, are:

  • Help younger students in the bathroom if needed. A five-year-old student who can’t figure out how to undo their belt to go to the bathroom? A female teacher can help them… not a male teacher.

  • Have younger students sit on their lap to calm them or read to them. A five-year-old student in distress and crying? Do they need a hug? Better find a female teacher to do it.

  • Point out certain uniform violations on older students. Female teachers can point out any uniform violation on any student. But a male teacher pointing out if a female student’s skirt is too short, or they’re showing too much skin, or they have on too much make-up? No. The male teacher has to ask a female teacher to point it out for them.

  • Poke their head into the students’ bathroom to make sure the students aren’t just goofing off and wasting time in there. Female teachers have no qualms about pushing open the door to the boys’ bathroom and telling them to hurry up. But a male teacher doing the same to the female students’ bathroom? Not if they want to keep their job.

Basically, anything that could possibly be misinterpreted as even vaguely pervy to an outside observer… a male teacher has to avoid it, for their own sake. Whereas female teachers are given A LOT more leeway in such matters.

If the above isn't a prime case of a double standard, then I am at a loss to what is.

The first one on his list is very insane to me. A female teacher must help not only the females but must also assist the male students with their bathroom issues.

I would think that the same gender teachers should help out the same students.

Hence, the male students should be assisted by male teachers and the same goes for females on the other side.

There is an extensive list on how we are discriminated against, however I want to touch on a few of my own experiences.

First, I shall Include my experience back in elementary school.

I recall that my teachers separated us boys from the girls and male teachers had to be with us, while the female teachers and students were together in a different room. This was back in the 70's, when I was in, around 3rd grade or so.

We had to watch a short film, which I believe that it was kind of a "coming of age" film. It was a documentary. The only thing I really remember was that it had 1 boy getting ready to go in the morning, and it very quickly showed his ass. I think it was about hygiene and other related topics.

The point I'm making here is, that Mr. Groves and 1 other male teacher were in the room with us boys, so back then this bullshit discrimination didn't exist.

Another experience was during divorce, as we ALL know, men always play 2nd fiddle to their female counterparts in any family related issues. Divorce and much more prevalent, custody issues, are the most major concern of men.