Does nudity harm children?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Too many people seem to think nudity harms children in some way. After examining the evidence, I have come to a valid conclusion. This will be presented. Furthermore, there are many ways it can actually benefit them. With an open mind on what is presented, you will be shocked at the different perspective you will have after reviewing my analysis. Always remember that context is of the utmost importance. It doesn’t mean you must be nudists, but you can’t be paranoid and freak out if they inadvertently glance at you nude. What you must do is be proud of what you have and instill this into your children. Showing pride instead of shame will be one of the most valable lessons they can be taught. They will absolutely thank you for it later. As a bonus, it will be divulged how not only children are being harmed but also society as a entire cohesive unit. Unfortunately, women receive the worst of it through rape and other types of violence against them.

The very first article I researched, the title says it all, Nudity isn’t harmful to kids. In it, Dr. Reinisch answers a parent’s question on her concern about her 3-4-year-old kids seeing her with nothing on. Her direct answer to the parent was, “Nudity has not been found to be harmful to children – in fact, it is the norm in many cultures.” as she further reinerates to the parent, “As long as you are comfortable with them entering the bathroom while you are there, they are likely to feel equally comfortable with the situation.”

YOU must set an example first then they will follow you

She is saying, if you’re comfortable with it, they are too. If you are self-conscious and worried about your own body, then you are the one who passes your self-consciousness and embarrassment onto them. If you have kids, you already know they are natural nudists. They would much rather be natural as opposed to wearing unnecessary, uncomfortable clothes. The only time they start wearing anything is after their parents teach them that they should be ashamed of what they were born with. The very next article reinforces the point of comfort, “Nudity between parents and children is fine as long as both are fully comfortable,” parent coach and author of the book aimed at helping kids, What to Do When You Worry Too Much, Dr. Huebner firmly states. She also clarifies what the goal is with children, “The goal with children is to foster delight and confidence in their bodies while gradually, over time, teaching norms related to privacy and consent.”

How will you “foster delight and confidence” if you don’t even have confidence in your own body?

You must show your children to have total self-confidence. This will assist them in many areas of life. You must have confidence in your own appearance before you can pass that onto them. Don’t teach them to be ashamed; teach them, Blatant Self-Confidence. This is one of the most important lessons you can teach them.

Instead of teaching your children that their bodies are something they should be ashamed of or hide from others, it’s a better idea to teach them to be proud of themselves and their bodies and care for it while treating their body with respect. At the same time, they celebrate what they have regardless of size or shape.

Strong CONFIDENCE or weak SHAME?

Children, especially girls, are already self-conscious of their bodies. If you teach them to be proud of themselves and what they have from an early age, then they will learn to be proud and confident before they are teenagers. This will also prevent them from ailments like anorexia.

Next, Dr. Huebner goes into the pros and cons of parental nudity.

Two PROS she mentioned are:

You can promote body positivity and acceptance

You can teach the difference between nudity and sexuality

and two CONS were:

You’re going to get awkward comments, questions, and stares Boundaries can get blurred


So, the PROS first:

Body Positivity

Haley, a mom of two, concedes, “I think it’s important that she grows up seeing what normal actually is. Equally important, I want her to grow up seeing her mom being OK with what normal is.”

Do you parents truly desire your children to emulate what they observe on TV?

We all know how fictitious the media is about everything they portray. They constantly bombard us with prime bodies that only Hollywood stars have. Haley also wants her daughter to understand that men see women as real people, saying, “Moms of boys can also want to pave the way for a new generation of men who see women as real people, not pinups on a pedestal.”

This is what RESPECT is ALL about!

Don’t you want your kids to grow up with proper morals?

If children learn that women are just pieces of meat, we will never get a decent generation of respectful men who see women as equals, only as substandard citizens. Boys should learn respect early on, so they can treat others with more dignity, especially the opposite sex. If boys growing up into men showed respect, there would not be violence such as rape, and blatant disregard for women.