Domme Kalia vs. me when I try to be nice

Updated: Jan 6

We shall proceed with a solid background leading up my "wonderful," or more accurately, a much needed enlightening experience with an overly pompous bitch.

After finding out what she said to me, you will see just how accurate I am.

A few years back, I was new to this site and BDSM, while I was dipping my toes in the water. This inexperience led me to reaching out to kinksters and "talking" on the discussion boards.

I came upon a talk that went something like this:

"We are women, not females."

So, as I was so innocent natured and never trained, I must have come across perhaps ignorant of the ways of this unique lifestyle. I was told to continue our convo, in private with my future nemesis via PM. She informed me I should not have joined their convo.

As I walk you through our "pleasant" discussion, I will include some of her actual concerns as I always keep valuable information, just in case I may need it later.

She initiated our conversation, and I will literally show you how she conversed with me.

YOU are just going to love this!

Her forcible vehement demeanor is off the charts!

She urges me to read the rules of.......I hope your ready for this club's name.

The ever famous, ClubFEM.

Don't you just get a kick out of that?

Completely hilarious!!!

She started with this:

"You are a ? who is an exhibitionist according to your profile and you've joined a FemDomme group. Please understand we are not here to pander to your fetishes, wants and needs. On the contrary, you are here for our enjoyment, to service our needs and to BEHAVE."

Oh? you mean BEHAVE like a good little doggy?

The reason she cracks me up so much, is that ? mark she places at the very start of her communication with me. Additionally, she boldly states, without any hesitation at all, that I am here for "our" enjoyment, meaning her and her mistresses, NOT her and myself, not at all concerned in what I, or men in general, want or need.

This power hungry termagant explains that ANY activity she partakes in, is SOLELY for their own, her mistresses, enjoyment AND the females needs exclusively.

She establishes this very pertinent point early in her chat with me.

Later in the evening, I drafted a great blog about MY experience with these forceful bitches; I had the pleasure of receiving kink commandments from a very polite and honest, resourceful gentleman.

He outlined "The 10 kink commandments" for me and any other interested parties on the site.

Now, would you just love to learn the #8 commandment?

Much to my pleasure and heightened enjoyment, it simply stated,

"We do not engage in humiliating and degrading scenes for solely our own amusement."