Don't allow yourself to be fucked by quora, like me!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Good early morning, to all my fellow nudists and guests alike.

It is now very early AM, before 7.

I know that we can all agree that it is way too fucking early in the AM to be dealing with TOTALLY IGNORANT SHALLOW SUPERFICIAL textiles and this completely narrow-minded one track mind society at large.

First, let me begin by saying right away that my "exhilarating uplifting" experience this morning, had me losing control while I also had NO fucking clue where my composure went either! (Hope you didn't miss my delightful sarcasm wedged in there.)

I will firmly attest that I despise liars!

Perhaps you might feel the same way?

This leads me to firmly declare, that in light of this, losing my composure then turns into anger for me. So why don't I say for the record, that when I'm angered, I just may, perhaps, use certain verbiage that can be construed as, maybe.....

"colorful language."

But once again, I am getting WTF ahead of myself, so allow me to give you some background.

About 2 years ago, I discovered a new site that was actually devoted to specializing in Q&A.

I have asked a few questions but mostly reserve my time for answers. When you give good insightful compassionate answers, others can UPVOTE your answers. My record is around 10 on one single answer. Most of my time I spend helping youth with their confusion about their orientation and why their useless parents don't love them. When I am not answering that question, I am encouraging them to be themselves and not to let others tell them they are not worth their time. They also ask constantly how to "come out."

I have done what I can but 1 lone single caring compassionate individual cant help an entire world. So, in order to continue my worthy cause, and help the perpIexed youth of the world, I decided to create a "space" where we can congregate and share our views and help each other in this cruel vile world.

Yeah, me too, I also thought it was a great idea.

I referred to it as, BISEXUAL Nudist club.

Its title gives you an idea of the clientele I am reaching out to, in order to help them.

Robert is 1 of 3, that loved my answer to this question. So, I am doing what little I can to enrich the lives of people that I touch.

However, it greatly hinders me helping others when the site itself tells me to change something on my space. Out of the blue, I see a message from...Alina Din?

I received exactly what I predicted I would and she, dishonestly informed, or maybe misled, me-- before I even took my 2nd breath. As I already knew, it was going to be some negative issue about my space or more likely, my pics.

Well, well, well--

Am I not just always spot on?

I will point out how the misinformed ignorant public perceives this whole misperceived subject.

1 - Does NOT violate said policy as she claims.

2 - Refers to it as "ADULT" content, a pic of nudity does NOT dictate sex!!!!!!!!!!

also even if it was, it does NOT matter whether ADULTS have consented to it or not, she is still saying forbidden.

3 - Doesn't she specifically state, the pic can be changed?

Not sure what she means by THEY can change it to a pic of MY choosing.

This, to me, means that the picture can be changed!!