What should we hide to be free together?

Updated: Feb 13

Gimme that ball! Huh? You already have 2!

As a nudist, I cover nothing so that I feel open & free" and experience the true freedom that I believe only nudism can convey.

However, just in case a textile joins in, I am going to address coverage for all intents and purposes as it pertains to “concealment of our body” while proving that there is really only ONE area alone that seems logical to me to cover at all. To break these visitors, or textiles, in I would like to enlighten them about my newd lifestyle gradually, in case they aren't quite ready to expose their genuine authentic selves immediately. I would like them to acclimate themselves gradually to the utmost feeling of freedom at their own comfortable pace. 

We all reasonably presume that the average person in developed societies of recent years is comfortable baring our “common” parts as “proper” exposure to the public eye. The “uncommon” parts only half of us have is the primary focus today and is what I am interested in learning and informing you about. 

Men have typically believed that the area “below the waist” and “between the legs” should be totally private. While ladies, on the other foot, believe they must cover not only her same area, but the public should not see the area on her chest, namely her mammary glands only.

Keeping in mind, when I speak of the chest area, I am referring specifically to the fact that only the areola /nipple is common to both of us, yet this, oddly enough, is the very part that asinine and ridiculous regulations cover, per law.

Areola & Nipple, Common to BOTH!

Let's take a lady, since they are always first.

As we allow her to get comfortable joining us, let me continue explaining that, even though these are common to both of us, most irrational laws and illogical statutes require them to cover her upper body. However, now that she knows these are actually common to both of us, I'm sure she will graciously remove the top part of her “shame shield.” I feel if anything must be covered, it’s the breast itself. But that would not make much sense either.

Not the nipple!

The breast is the component that’s NOT common to both of us, but the nipple is.

Point being, that our common parts don’t need coverage.

Logical enough.

Think about it.

Feet, hands, ears, etc. don't need coverage since they are all common to both of us.

So why does our all powerful clueless government force our lovely counterparts to conceal her areola? 

It makes NO sense to me, especially from a logical POV.

Now, I know most of you are probably taking in the elegance of the entire breast, but just focus your attention on the darker tip of the breast.

Strictly The areola.

Please remember that while our components all have various shapes and sizes, the parts themselves are still equivalent. 

As an example, 

take my favorite part, our feet. 

Some really sweet feet.