EVERY body is Beautiful!!!.....then why...

.......MUST we ALL cover and conceal ourselves?

You have any ideas or answers?

YES! You!!!

Would someone, ANYONE, please inform us why we all have been bestowed upon us divine gifts by a superior being, this being god for most of us, that must be hidden away?

Do these 2 look like they need hidden?

But then I hear, "he created us in his image!"

Well, this creator,


right?...MUST be/have been disgusting and grotesque!


Then why haven't you answered me yet?

Once again, I will make my two eternal points I do in every one of my articles.

1 - Our bodies are beautiful, divine works of art

2 - ALL of us know what we ALL have.

So, we know what is there, why is covering needed?

Are these valid facts the reason we MUST be FORCED to hide ourselves from you & her & him & EVERYBODY on this illogical & power hungry planet?

Seems very illogical to me!

So, violence and other monstrosities are just fine for viewing........ok? If you say so.

However, our bodies must be hidden away from our sight!


Attempt to answer this 1--3 letter question.

All right, another question for you,

Can you somehow fill me in on these "warnings" that must be implemented?

Go to a beach,

A sign says, "You may encounter nude sunbathers or other bare bodies"

Ok, EVERYONE, this is so fucking absurd!!

Why is any type of warning required/needed?

So, tell me, if you miss this warning, then run into a nude body....OH MY GOD!!!!!

Are you going to be ok?

Do we need to rush you to the hospital now?

I am DEAD serious folks!!!

I want to know right now why warnings are needed!

Remember, I am logical so it MUST make sense.

On reddit, I was told to warn readers that the link to my site had nudity.


Did I really hear this idiot correctly?



So, understanding this correctly, I must warn GROWN MEN, they will see what they and ALL of US have!

It was a photo!

How will a pic/photo/image "hurt" "harm" or "injure" you?

Try answering that one!!

For ALL the micro-thin skinned people out there,

I better warn you NOW!!!

This picture contains offensive war, ADULTERY, AND YES!!!! EVEN NUDITY!!

So if you are harmed, hurt or even injured by LOOKING AT or SEEING a picture, close your eyes NOW!!

I do NOT take responsibility for ANYTHING happening to YOU if you ignore MY warnings!!

Are you ALL still free of harm or injury?

If you are harmed or injured from the picture, just tell me what injury you suffered now?

FYI, the so called "nudity" in question was an ass!


A rear end.

A female's, if that is pertinent.

Now, here's where I come from.

Common parts of our anatomy, are NOT covered!!

Hands, feet, legs, etc. are allowed to be seen,

WOW, that's new!!

From the rear, we are ALL identical!

So, to me, ass/rear end is NOT nudity, if it's common!!

OK, now for you parents..........


Do I dare???


The TABOO Topic writer has NO fear!!

Same premise as above, if little bobby joe, or even lil Susy Lou see a human body.........??????????

Will they live?

Are they injured now?

If so, we must Rush them to the ER!!!!!

But what is their injury or harm that happened?

It seems to me, they will see what they have ALREADY OR WILL SEE at some point in their lives,

am I correct?

One minor point, kids are human, so they actually have one of these--A human body!!

Oh yeah, BTW I wrote an article about this very phenomena.

Try to guess the title, Does nudity harm our kids?

I shall dare you to read it!

But will you?

It's really up to you, but do NOT be surprised when you get surprised by it.

The article shows what you really should be worried about.

Ok, all of us, this is an excellent base to start, I want to hear from YOU!!!!


YOU--if you read this, then leave comments!

Love you BOTH,