EVERY body is Beautiful!!!.....then why...

.......MUST we ALL cover and conceal ourselves?

You have any ideas or answers?

YES! You!!!

Would someone, ANYONE, please inform us why we all have been bestowed upon us divine gifts by a superior being, this being god for most of us, that must be hidden away?

Do these 2 look like they need hidden?

But then I hear, "he created us in his image!"

Well, this creator,


right?...MUST be/have been disgusting and grotesque!


Then why haven't you answered me yet?

Once again, I will make my two eternal points I do in every one of my articles.

1 - Our bodies are beautiful, divine works of art

2 - ALL of us know what we ALL have.

So, we know what is there, why is covering needed?

Are these valid facts the reason we MUST be FORCED to hide ourselves from you & her & him & EVERYBODY on this illogical & power hungry planet?

Seems very illogical to me!