Why do you call yourself BISEXUAL?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

WHY BI? YOU asked!

I'm glad you asked me why I'm Bi - I will be only too happy to explain,

Thank you for your interest. I am very interested in answering your question in great detail so that you can understand me when I declare,

"I love BOTH of you and each of you arouse me in different ways"

so instead of loving only one of you, I enjoy the BEST of BOTH!!

I really don't want to limit myself to just half the population. I am Bi, because I have been with BOTH and would love you BOTH again. 

If I was not attracted to one of you, then I would be missing out on half the fun.

Why would you deny yourself certain pleasures "bi" not having sensual erotic fun times from the other gender?  Ladies first,

U R sooo fucking HOT! - my gorgeous GF

She enchants me, as she projects her innocent sweet smiles from her cute adorable face, and also while her beautiful smooth body is a pleasure to admire as I enjoy her more petite figure. As I cherish her captivating figure, her eyes can steal my attention & be striking in appearance while they have a way of mesmerizing and luring me into their presence with their seductive disposition. She has such a delightful smooth body, that I can only dream of caressing her entire exquisite beauty from head down to her tantalizing petite toes. If I even take my eyes off her for only a brief moment, I will deny myself part of her alluring elegance. That, "bi" far, is what I love most. My ideal body type is, young sweet and smooth. This is the primary reason why I am so attracted to her. Her only hair is silky smooth on her head and perhaps down below, is enough for me. I love how she has more petite sweet feet and smooth luscious legs, and softer tantalizing toes while still other parts of her anatomy are very inviting and enchanting.  I shall close, as I also mention her shapely succulent breasts, while sucking her perfect tasty nipples to our satisfaction is one of my favorite duties as I please her, while I also desire her body for her alluring beauty. Now for Him,

NO! U R mistaken! MEN, I s'pose

He's HOT in His own right, which means He, is just as gorgeous as she is, in His own alluring way

His anatomy is particularly inciting because he has his own special equipment that gives me wild, hot, passionate pleasure as I get to play with Him, first within my hand, then I begin manipulating it with my mouth as I transfer Him into bliss or sometimes even ecstasy. I am virtually, while nearly exclusively, extremely oral and my love muscle is actually my tongue. I am very honored to assert my mastery at making love to His very own exclusive male essence. I have excelled in the craft of blissful fellatio. I have honed my skill beyond words, as I transport Him straight into total euphoria. I really must ponder, which of us actually receives the greatest pleasure, in our mutual exhilarating delectable experience. It is BOTH my honor and pleasure to make love to his perfect part, giving us our ultimate pleasure together. Now, keeping in mind the smooth body I like, I can just imagine Him having a HOT delicious, sweet & sexy, smooth, young body that I may lick, suck, and kiss all over to my utter jubilation & exuberance. Now to wrap it up:

Some guys have all the fucking luck!

I see the obvious advantages to both his/her unique and inherent beauty. Their own particular equipment is intensifying as it awakens the power sex god within me while it gets me very hot & aroused. Both have their own unique elegance in the proper places. I can actually admire both of them while I love the way I can see their enticing beauty in two separate elegant packages. As I marvel at their similar form, I also worship each of their individual essences. To look at them both and see what each of them has to offer in their own unique respect is eternal bliss because it is so captivating.   Twinks are, "bi" far, the most enjoyable & delightful for me as they stimulate my spark my desire as my favorite one to frolic about. He combines the smoothness of her, with the proper seductive and tempting male anatomy that I love to execute my all time favorite execution with my mouth and hands. He is smooth, sweet, and succulent. His sweet meat is a tender delicacy as it melts in my mouth while I also caress him into ecstasy with my love muscle. He is absolutely my ideal mate.

It is beyond elation to describe the way he makes me feel beyond fucking awesome!

Twinks are so very HOT sweet and delicious!