Updated: Dec 31, 2020

There are numerous fragile items here on earth.

BE VERY careful with it.

Everything from a little 5 lb. chihuahua, to a little girl, all the way up to a fully grown woman. Almost everything on earth can be manipulated in some way.

But do you have ANY idea what the most fragile species is on earth?

Before you even attempt an answer, think about the only species on this entire planet that MUST use artificial items to hunt, build shelter, and even defend itself.

Do you really think you have the correct answer?

YES! So, very fragile that we are the ONLY species that MUST wear coverings!

Homo sapiens!

Totally gorgeous HOMO Sapiens - 1 of each!

That's right!

Us! Mankind.

Did you get the answer correct?

Don't worry, because most of you don't even consider us as extremely weak.

Just stop & think about it, though, for a brief moment.

YES! Life is just too short here on earth.

There is absolutely NO other species at all, on this very planet, that must wear clothing AND also shoes for protection OR also buy their weapons and tools from a store.

Just imagine, man wearing only what he was born with, NO footwear for protection and absolutely NO artificial tools or weapons of any kind.

It would be a much different world:

NO tall buildings,

NO bridges,

NO roads,

as the list is endless. We would have to live an entirely different way.

This is the very pertinent reason why we, as humans, are the most fragile species on the entire planet. I mean really, just think about this, there are some days that we cant even walk outside with our bare feet on the scorching pavement, as its way too hot to even consider walking outside in the desert especially.

We did actually somehow make it though.

Notwithstanding the temperature, its impossible to even walk out on the painful desert floor!

Or review the other extreme, just try to walk outside while its too cold to walk in the snow. Forget about temperature, just imagine walking on the painful ground.