Guys, it's NOT all about your size!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Time now, for yet another composition for you to learn from. This time it's to instill some confidence in "YOU" guys out there, as well, to educate the gals out in the audience.

If it's just 1 trivial insignificant item that you posses, in which YOU guys always worry about incessantly, it's without fail, the size of your perfect part down there. You may have noticed that I did NOT say "us" guys, because I for one, have no reservations with my personal magnitude ever.

Don't be so shy Steve

You see, the pertinent reason I have NO concern at all, is I have over the top blatant self-confidence!

Also, you might be totally shocked to learn that I can stand before you, her, him, and anyone else on this great earth and NEVER be offended by ANYONE at all.

But that's not all!

The even more shocking certainty that I shall declare is, when I do stand before you, I am perfectly comfortable being "open and free" right in front of you! Now, that's not to say I have a really large tool down there, but I always tell the truth about the extent of my manhood.

I simply state that "I have what I have, no more no less"

Yes, that's about the "size" of it.

A perfect pun - intended!

Ok, let's get down to the facts.

1st and foremost:

Our man-meat is only what we were given, and there is no reason that we should be ashamed of it. There is absolutely nothing that we can change about it.

Why would you want to anyway?

Big, small, huge, tiny, large, or medium: it is yours and NO one else's.

You should be proud of what YOU have!

What do you need a big one for anyway?

Oh, Maybe just to impress her?

Well, allow me to enlighten you guys. She does not give a flying fuck about our size.


Our counterparts, yes, HER! are NOT as shallow and superficial as you may expect.

She is much more interested in your BIG head!

Of course, you know the one, it's on top of your shoulders.

The very same one that contains the qualities that she IS actually seeking in you, while she is far more impressed with, way beyond that irrelevant meaningless member down there. Size is just 1 characteristic of your component.

You must have SELF confidence & SELF respect b4 others will!

But in the other much more relevant and influential head, where your integrity, courage, respect, confidence, compassion, and loyalty are, she is much more impressed and fascinated with. If I ever run into anyone in my journey that has a problem with any proportions anywhere on my body, I will not even involve myself with her . She is a total waste of valuable time where I could be spending in a much more productive manner. I don't even bother responding to such a superficial shallow broad anyway.

Now for you ladies waiting, ever so patiently,

are you aware that our actual sizes, can vary quite extensively?

Even if a guy looks like he practically has nothing down there, particularly when its "parked in the garage" or "put away",in hiding, the male member can actually be quite impressive when he's back up and ready for action!

I'm not sure of the caliber of knowledge that you ladies possess, but you may have heard that there are 2 types of cocks that perform far differently from each other.

Additionally, these extremely vital components can vary greatly in their