Guys, it's NOT all about your size!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Time now, for yet another composition for you to learn from. This time it's to instill some confidence in "YOU" guys out there, as well, to educate the gals out in the audience.

If it's just 1 trivial insignificant item that you posses, in which YOU guys always worry about incessantly, it's without fail, the size of your perfect part down there. You may have noticed that I did NOT say "us" guys, because I for one, have no reservations with my personal magnitude ever.

Don't be so shy Steve

You see, the pertinent reason I have NO concern at all, is I have over the top blatant self-confidence!

Also, you might be totally shocked to learn that I can stand before you, her, him, and anyone else on this great earth and NEVER be offended by ANYONE at all.

But that's not all!