Happy NEWD year to U!! But NOT me!

Updated: Mar 26

Well, by all the celebration that is happening outside on the local streets, I am safe in claiming that '21 is officially here upon us.

YOU are extremely elated, while you are with family and friends. I hope you had a great time, either being out somewhere, or if you stayed home tonight.

I wanted to make sure you have a wonderful NEW Year, today. It's '21 because I hear all the fireworks and everyone having a fabulous time while they all celebrate bringing in a brand NEW year.

Now, take some logical reasoning in this context.

I am inspiring YOU to realize that YOU & everyone should more than beyond elated that NONE of YOU have MY dismal life. Today I was mostly in my place, as 2 different people said they would be here. Since YOU should be well aware of MY particular omen and eternal terrible luck in life, you may have already determined the lonely life I lead. While you were out (or in) with all your friends & family, I posted more blogs. The ONLY friend I have locally was here earlier, around 4pm. He was, in fact, 1 person who said they would be here with me to celebrate. The ONLY other one who said they would be here, was Joe. I only met him once a few nights ago. MY Entire family is always forever long distance from me.

So, as you can see, there is NO fam for me!

I had to go out to subway to buy some decent food. That was the only time I was out today. As much as I try every fucking day IN & OUT, I just can't get anyone to socialize with me. The times I hook up with a new person, after we chat a bit, leaves to come back home, they waste absolutely NO time at all in blocking me. Thus, even if I wanted to see them again, the blocking prohibits me from talking to them.

One of them blocked me instantly, then finding out the mouse was so chicken in his mentality, refused to relay his reasons to me personally while I was over there. Then today while I was chatting online with a new one, after I sent my pics, he too, then blocked me from any further contact. My pics must be the ugliest ever seen.

Now, I will tend to my lil Mimi and go to my room shortly and see if I can actually sleep soundly.

Just to finalize this post, I must express my total amazement and surprise, while also very dismal for me. Ive been here for well over 35 years, since being a teen, and transferring from a high school, down to a JR high school. What I am so perplexed about is how I have been here so damn long, yet I have NO friends to speak of.

Hmmm, YOU TOO! Come to my place, make a new friend

Very sad life for me.

We can't forget your inspiration today, so move your eyes below and see......

That's a relief, since ALL my strength, has vanished