HONEST - #30

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Today is HONEST?!

Just be 150% HONEST with me!

I better be, or I could get struck down!

Since I must be honest, I will start out by telling you about myself that you may not already know, then afterwards - You will LOVE what will come up next as a bonus.

My honest story:

So, I am highly intimate!

I was born back east somewhere. NY to be exact!

I then moved around a couple of places until finally settling in a small town of about 200k people.

Now for the scary declaration,

I hope that I can open up to you because today I must be honest. Back in elementary school, I was constantly made fun of for being gay. The really funny part though is that I wasn't really gay, it was just immature kids being cruel.

I only had a few friends and the one good friend I did have went to a different school so I never saw him. I had to endure this humiliation for my entire elementary and middle school years, up until I moved away. After my 8th grade year, it was then when I moved to Vega$ around '85, and ran into a few friends because, in Vega$, I wasn't "gay" anymore. Even though I was getting a fresh start, the taunting

already did so much damage that I was too shy to ever get a girlfriend, which obviously didn't help matters. My new friendships I will never forget, because as Vega$ is very transient, and there are a lot of people that work at the test site, most families don't spend too long here.

So I met my 1st friend in 9th grade, Steve

then Vance in 10th,

Finally I met Dale in 11th, and still have him as my big bro practically after 35 long years to this very day.

All along during my childhood, I thought a lot of people, including my cousin, had it so much better than me. I have even met two friends recently within the past two years, that didn't even know their real dad. So now I see that I haven't had it as bad as I thought. I will never think that I have it so hard again. I actually have it ok, I guess.

After finally graduating high school, I went directly into the army since my dad talked me into it. I have always had the feeling that he may have just wanted me out of his and his fucking girlfriend's hair. But now I have some decent benefits, so it worked out for the best. I had a horrible time in the army, but I made it through just the same.

Been married twice and then had a male friend, then after that I now have my BF. So if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm BI and very proud to love both of you.

That's why I always sign my blogs,

Love you both,

do you understand now?

I already told you about my daughter, in Change #3, in March.

I am a totally masculine man, if you were to meet me, you would have NO idea that I'm BI. I can have a temper, but I have had it under control lately. I have lost a few people in my life because of my temper. I have been told I am needy but also working on that too.

Not sure how much else to say, but now comes the REALLY FUN part!!

In celebration of the last day of the month today, I am going to do something very different and I thought you might enjoy it.

Lies wound U for LIFE! Just ask 3

I am going to say 5 statements, and just ONE of them will be false.

1 - I have run around nude in SF, CA for 5 miles.

2 - I have driven across the country 3 or more times.