How My Curious Interest Transformed Into My Life Passion

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

My curious nature I have had since childhood caught my eye at the earliest possible tender age. The initial activity which spawned my curiosity, that I only recall since my mother told me about it, was my brother and I were in the street while they called us to come inside for bed.

At the mere age of six, it is pretty simple to get a child in the house......


Only this time we ran in different directions.


He went one way, and I went the other.

Oh, the other significant fact was...…we were BOTH, "Open & Free!"

This is a phrase I coined recently after discovering the true and very liberating feeling I obtain ONLY when I am fully NUDE!!!

I will expand on this later.

This piece gives a synopsis of what occurred over my life span relating to my genuine passion. I will cover my life chronologically, showing how my initial experiences generated more interest in nudism. I will show how it has changed me for the best, while today, enjoying life much more confidently.

First, try imagining a life where NO one can EVER offend you in any way!

Does this just blow your mind?

In society, we must walk on eggshells, conveying the way they force us to articulate our ideas into speech to others. We must never say the wrong words, as we must always remember that society gets hurt, angry or upset by most of what they hear, consisting of ODORLESS, TASTELESS, TOUCHLESS & invisible forces that are conveyed by us.