How My Curious Interest Transformed Into My Life Passion

Updated: Jul 10

My curious nature I have had since childhood caught my eye at the earliest possible tender age. The initial activity which spawned my curiosity, that I only recall since my mother told me about it, was my brother and I were in the street while they called us to come inside for bed.

At the mere age of six, it is pretty simple to get a child in the house......


Only this time we ran in different directions.


He went one way, and I went the other.

Oh, the other significant fact was...…we were BOTH, "Open & Free!"

This is a phrase I coined recently after discovering the true and very liberating feeling I obtain ONLY when I am fully NUDE!!!

I will expand on this later.

This piece gives a synopsis of what occurred over my life span relating to my genuine passion. I will cover my life chronologically, showing how my initial experiences generated more interest in nudism. I will show how it has changed me for the best, while today, enjoying life much more confidentially.

First, try imagining a life where NO one can EVER offend you in any way!

Does this just blow your mind?

In society, we must walk on eggshells, conveying the way they force us to articulate our ideas into speech to others. We must never say the wrong words, as we must always remember that society gets hurt, angry or upset by most of what they hear, consisting of ODORLESS, TASTELESS, TOUCHLESS & invisible forces that are conveyed by us.

We DONT EVER want that!!

Do we?

On the other side, where I am, I enjoy a life with complete blatant self-confidence. As I comprehend the obvious, words CANNOT hurt me. Earlier for most of my life, I was way too shy to be confident, but now I am O&F as much as possible.

My initial prominent memory of achieving the splendor of nudity was going down to the creek this way. Being at my grandmother's house, this was just another pleasant feeling I had when I was there.

But I must set the proper scene first.

First, time must be from 12 am - 3am

Second, clothes MUST be where I can find them after I have fulfilled myself by getting nude.

Unless I wanted to battle trees, weeds and much more. The street was the only avenue to the creek. The alternate way I could be O&F simply was going to the creek, THEN take it all off. This I carried out.

One more amazing fact was, I actually got my friend Steve to do it with me once!!

Now this was astonishing!!

Looking back, he was the ONLY one that EVER joined me for this activity in my life.

My entire life, through the present, I always want to be nude. As we all are aware, the only time I can really do this is at night. I have done it when I feel it's safe and NO one is around. Finding dark places is paramount to success.

But all it takes is one car to turn in my direction and I'm caught!

If it's a PIG, MY entire life is OVER!!!

Oh, yeah---My luck?

It will be a fucking PIG!!

But, if I am too cautious, just standing around looking, there won't be any cars for a while. It never hurts being cautious though, as I have seen others observing me while deciding to strip. That's why the darker, the better. Then if I actually get my courage to run nude, I get to safety ASAP!!

I can remember in the ranch when I went to the other side and stripped and walked around. I MUST be way too lucky not to be caught yet. If I feel a presence, I will promptly vacate. Then later, I will notice security watching the area. It's always since fucking people can NEVER mind their own goddam business. Nude people do NOT harm, injure or affect others in any way!

But if seen, call PIGS?


How does nudity harm or even affect anyone in any way if it is simply ignored?

If you actually can Mind Your Own Business, they will disappear into the past and you will NEVER see them again!

I finally got the courage to try a clothing optional place in Palm Springs. My wife and I went there and got "dressed" to join the others outside by the pool.

I will never forget the way she asked what to do,

"So we must go outside, nekkid?"

At that time, I was in my 40s, being my first time trying nudism around the opposite sex. No one cared about my appearance or size, or my shape. It was the same as if we were all covered.

The genuine turning point was finding out about a nude pool party on July 8th, 18.

(as I write this on July 9th, 21 --my 3 year anniversary of being a True Newdist.)

The spelling is correct,

as I was New to being a Nudist, combine these and I am a new nudist, hence, Newdist.

Lets move on.

On this date, I transformed into a blatantly self confident newdist. I, like all guys, thought I might be inadequate, being the reason I didn't try nudism much earlier in life.

But NO more self consciousness EVER again!

If one would actually have the audacity to question me or tease me in any way, I simply put them in their place by saying firmly and confidently,

"I have what I have, NO more NO less."

Now, I am nude 24/7 if that were ever possible, but I live where nudity is strictly forbidden.

A huge tourist trap, but NO nudity!

Much to my surprise, CA has more leniency with their nude laws, than even NV?!!

I always thought CA was more stringent than most other places.


So the extent of my LIMITED enjoyment to partake in my favorite activity is ONLY in my home. Yeah, that's just great, ANYone can be nude at home. So anyone visiting me will most likely see the true me. This very conduct happened when I was just chilling at home, when new people came inside. One person, Beck, had a friend come in while I wore my favorite suit. It was dark enough to not see clearly, so when Lori came in, she was trying to figure out if I was O&F. I finally got up later, and this confirmed her suspicion. She turned into my BFF, and anytime she came to my place, I felt no need to cover up.

She has already seen what I have,

why bother concealing who I am?

This slight nudity does not fulfill my need for freedom at all. Other nudists take it all off around others socially, whereas I have NO place to go. Even after trying twice to form a club in my area, not even ONE person came to my meeting. Not even the guy that has his OWN nude club having NO events!

So, like always, I am fucked again!

NO nude clubs,

NO nude resorts,

NO landed/unlanded clubs

NO place anywhere close by that has a free place to be myself genuinely.

Needless to even say, the ONLY club that is open, is ONLY open to females!

Therefore, it is NOT really a valid nude club.

The owner, as always, lets females in free, but again, just like the rest of this dishonest world charges us guys around $50-65.

These places cash in on the nudity laws, and lack of nude places.

Any nude place does this so that they will make $$$

Yeah, I must pay through my nose for the "freedom" to be O&F,

OR...... hundreds of miles into CA to partake in legal, respectable nudism for a few hours.

After traveling 3-4 hours into CA, spending a few hours at a nude event, is just simply NOT worth it.Then coming back home is another 3-4 hours, so I am spending much more time in my car than at the event.