I Am Neither a Top Nor Bottom, Now What?

Updated: Jan 20

I feel confident that most of you will enjoy this post.

Never thought about Vers

All I ask is, "please read it in its entirety" as you will be more than pleased at the end.

This post discloses how the gay community feels, and what they may inquire about a possible encounter with another guy.

This also reveals why I assume that I can say the 3 letter "F" word as I explain my rationale and position.

Before I give it all away though,

perhaps you will give me the courtesy of reading it ALL the way to the end?


I appreciate it very much.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Now indulge yourself!


In the gay community, he will constantly ask, before meeting,

GOOD answer!!

Are you a top or a bottom?

I always wonder just how I should answer his eternal question, since he always expects me to pick one of these.

Well, let me fill you in, that's really like asking,

Is Vega$ in California, or Florida?

Get the picture now?

The ONLY correct answer, at least for me, is


I am always outside the box in my life, and this question is NO exception, as neither one is true for me.

Instead, I am very proud to answer it by disclosing; I have an exceptional (or you may prefer saying, superior) talent that I have mastered, over the long years in my life, never entailing either of these 2 counterparts. In MY sexually charged lifestyle, I never need another ass, or even my manly muscle for any type of mutual enjoyment during any of my encounters. I am busier with my own manly love muscle & much more concerned with pleasuring you well into exctasy with something entirely unexpected and unrelated.