I am NOT ashamed of who I am!

Updated: Feb 1

I am PROUD and NOT ashamed of myself!


Glad you stopped by to see how PROUD I actually am of WHO I've become.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am BiMaleNudist.

You just might find me on social media if you are paying attention.

Yes, you are correct.

I can see that I can't get anything past you.

I am Bi and very proud to love both of you

& if that's not enough,

I am also a nudist in a clothed, ignorant sexualized world.

You must wonder how I make it through life this way, being so outside of society.

Well, cease your wonderment, and join me now as I take you through my 2 attributes that set me way over there, outside the box. I shall educate you as we delve into the specifics of my SEXUALITY & LIFESTYLE, as long as you are accepting, and OPEN-minded.

1st & foremost I am BISEXUAL


I am naturally attracted to both the guys and the gals.

I think you know as well as I do, that we do NOT choose our natural attractions, that's why they are called "natural."

You did not choose to be straight.

But then again, you over there on the other side of the fence,

did not choose to be gay either.

Some of you may find it repulsive that I can be intimate and perform certain pleasures with other guys, but on the other hand, I find it completely repulsive & reprehensible to "own" another human or beat someone until they are blood red.

Quite honestly, I prefer much simpler & more enjoyable activities. They are so much more satisfying and enriching for BOTH parties.

My main forte, is being very orally gifted, especially with the studs, as I delight him into ecstasy, performing the utmost fellatio that he is ever going to receive from anyone! But I do NOT stop at his tantalizing tool, as I also worship sweet feet.

Just what I'm into, don't be disgusted. 

To each his own, right?

as we all accept others with various palettes, while staying respectful, and always remembering, there are eternally,

Different strokes for different folks.

Furthermore, it just baffles me how someone could not enjoy the BEST of BOTH!