The "B" is for ME, But the "Q" is for YOU!

Updated: Mar 31

As I understand it, anyone falling within the LGBT umbrella is considered "queer"

All I need is B! cuz it stands for BI is BEST!!

Allow me to very humbly inform you of my opinion.

I am BI & very proud to say that I love BOTH, however, I must inform you I find the term, "queer" to be very derogatory and totally demeaning.

Now, actually, it's not in your cards to literally "offend" me, while, I am attempting to convey pleasantly, that I do not allow anyone to refer to me or my orientation as, what I feel, is a very disparaging vernacular, QUEER.

I hope that makes sense.

Calling ME queer is the same concept as calling him HOMO, or even FAG.

So just as he does NOT enjoy those terms, I resent "QUEER" the very same way.

How about calling him/her, or whatever,


Do you surmise that he/she would like that colloquial?

Now, I know for a firm FACT, that no one even remotely likes, or maybe I should just say most really HATE or despise, a word that really denigrates POC.

However, much to my surprise, it is NOT always defamatory. If you refer to OED, and direct your attention to "a" (lower case) you will be as surprised as I am to learn that it is sometimes neutral, a. Used by people who are not black as a relatively neutral (or occasionally positive) term, with no specifically hostile intent.

Are you as taken back as I am?

As we all know, it is actually censored like most words and eye-catchers always are.

But for some reason, other euphemisms are not, such as honkey or cracker.

I am veering way off course though, and hopefully I have made my point clear that I hate, queer. The term, not the person. I am very accepting of most anyone.

I ALWAYS give you, what I get from you.


Speaking of slang lingo, & keeping in mind,

it's not WHAT you say but HOW you say it,

if you are homo/BI, do you consider it fine to say, fag, in a brotherly playful way?

I am a firm believer in HOW it's said, as long as it's said with camaraderie as well as total respect, I don't really think there is any harm, especially if you know him well.

But, keep in mind that if I hear a hetero say it, I will most certainly give him a very PPP (Prominent Painful Problem) in his short life. Since, once again, s/he is NOT a member of the community of gay/BI guys.

OOOH! OUCH!! Well, if you are hetero, don't let me hear you say the F word!

I NEVER intend to offend, even though it happens just the same, quite often.

So, as offending you is NOT my aim, I will not call you queer, if that's offensive to you, while I hope you will not ever call me this very belittling vernacular.

QUEER?? If you dont mind it, great! But I do.