I am something, yet I am nothing

I am something, because,

I am a son, brother, and perhaps a cousin, to maybe a couple people in my family.

I'm a driver who could meet you by accident and affect your life inadvertently.

I'm a true friend to 2 people out there somewhere making lives easier or harder.

if I am spotted doing something abnormal, people would notice and take action.

if I die, my family and friends might be a little hurt and sad, perhaps.

yet I am nothing, since,

I have been here for less than a century, yet the oceans, mountains, and sun have been here since the beginning of time.

I am, but just a spec of dust, compared to the size of my surroundings, i.e., city, state, country, and immense world, and imagine the universe.

If I was on a crowded highway, you would never even see or notice me at all.

I may be about 200 pounds, but I am lighter than a feather and have no mass when compared to the weight of the ocean, mountains, or even a single building on earth.

If I am in the middle of an ocean, desert, or forest, then I would never be heard or seen.

I am no better than you, her, him or any of them, but in fact I am just another Joe Blo on this vast never ending earth, doing the best I can till I am no more parting ways.

Whatever problems plague me in life, chances are, they’re not at all significant in the grand scheme of things.

When I finally die, the world wont even blink an eye, not caring or even knowing. Much different than a world leader or celebrity that is ALWAYS known and causes great grief.

On a much more grim and bleak depressing note, when I do finally leave and venture to the great beyond and unknown, it would be weeks before anyone would even notice.