DON'T leave me! I don't have any friends NOW!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

It is around 10:30 pm on a Wednesday night.

This is the PERFECT title, as I go through life, more people/friends leave me.

Tonight is not much different from my other lonely nights, in that it's just another night that ends in MY eternal loneliness. Most days are, in fact, lonely. It must be because of my limited social finesse. After Scott spoke with me last night using one of the latest apps, he has informed me of my shortcomings. Then this morning I awoke to his latest message.

He informs me of the real reason he moved out earlier this year,

"Here's the last word, I am going to say about this topic for you, The reason I had to leave and, you turned me off, and move on, is that your 1st impulse is to offend."

He says I turn people off and make them not want to help me.

He also stated,

"you are just a liability to be seen with in public."